Wonderful Experience
I don't know how to say enough good things about All-American. Before I even had my M endorsement Keenan walked me through every facet of buying and owning a bike. I went and got my endorsement and came back every few weeks for months. Every single staff member greeted me like family and learned my name and was so welcoming. I finally got it together to buy a bike. Steve (my salesman) and Pat (who did all my paperwork) were not only incredibly helpful along every step of the way, they were genuinely excited that I was finally achieving one of my dreams. All-American has been so helpful and kind to me on the road to buying my first Harley that I can't imagine having gone anywhere else. The day after I bought my bike, I got a call from Steve asking how my ride was and did I love it?, What could he do, if anything? I got a message as well from the Sales Manager Keenan who had introduced me to All-American telling me again just how excited he was for me and wanting to know how much fun I was having. I love my bike and am grateful for everyone at All-American for caring, helping, educating, and getting me on the road! Thank you so much. (Employee: Keenan Enoch, Steve Corbett, Pat Dagley)
George Rizor
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