Best instructors I could of asked for, seriously <3
Just passed riding academy today, highly recommend the course. It was very fun. I transport motorcycles for a living but its nothing compared to actually riding! We had people from 17 years old all the way up into the 40s. Very kind good of people. Bobby and Avi were the best instructors you can ask for. Literally cannot thank Bobby enough, I know I seemingly breezed through it all pretty easy. But the constant reminder from Bobby on how to properly do something or how to improve more, was very nice. Thanks to Bobby and Avi, Im way more confident in riding. The day after, I went to the MVA and got my license. I went out riding for a few hours today and it was amazing. I now understand the love for motorcycles and look forward to riding more this weekend!! Hopefully some of the guys from class will want to meet up and ride together, Matt & Pablo seem like great riders to cruise with~ (Employee: Avi S, Bobby Ross)
Ryan Kenyon
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