Not what I expected!
I came into the class with my motorcycle learner's permit that I acquired on my own. I thought the class would be somewhat repetitive during the classroom time, but it wasn't at all. We covered so much more information and circumstances that as a rider we will experience. I thought I knew enough but was I ever wrong. The riding skills on the practice range, the coaches made sure we knew everything about the bikes and the location of the controls before we started. Our class had some with no experience, beginners and a few younger experienced riders, I fell in the older (over 50) beginner category. The coaches explained and demonstrated every technique as well as answered our questions. They gave us plenty of time to execute each technique. They did their best to try getting some of us to relax, the only pressure during all 3 days of this training class and test was due to ourselves. After completion of the training and test, I went out on my first ride making so many observations and planning ahead due to the knowledge I gained from taking the Riding Academy. I am still a beginner with lots to learn but I am more confident and more knowledgeable heading out onto the open highways thanks to All American Harley-Davidson Riding Academy and the excellent coaches. (Employee: B Bernheim, Bobby Ross, Avi S)
Alan Radtke
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