Great and honest service, Quality work!
I had dreams of doing all of this work myself, but quickly realized that I didn't have all of the tools needed, and these were EXPENSIVE tools that I needed. So discretion being the better part of valor, I decided to let the pros handle it. I upgraded everything in the primary case, new tires, new rear sprocket and drive belt. Come to find out it's a damn good thing I didn't take this on, as my rear axle was boogered up. Mike G was very hands on and was in constant contact with me on all of the proceedings with my big girl. The work was done in a VERY timely manner, and the price was definitely reasonable for all that was done. I have a little over 500 miles on the work that was done and couldn't be happier. The clutch feels perfect, and the engagement is strong, the replacement for the beat down compensator is fantastic and has totally changed the personality of my bike. So, obviously, I am pleased with the work done and the folks I worked with. I don't know who actually did the work on my bike, but they did a great job!
Larry Ward
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